All that fun making you hungry?
Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Fair, including plenty of healthy and vegetarian options.


For this year's Fair, we are delighted to welcome Food Trucks!  

Healthy, nut-free, adult- and kid-friendly options will be served by Natalie's Fine Foods. Enjoy your lunch at one of our picnic tables or gather around a hay bale before returning to the fun.

Swing by our Snack Tent to refuel with quick bites and cold beverages!

Make sure to stop by our bake sale and check out our delicious treats!

    • Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes
    • Brownies, Cookies, Rice Krispie treats
    • Vegan items
    • Individual servings, desserts to go

    And many thanks to these sponsors as well, for their generous support our Food & Snack tents!